Activities for Educators


 We hold conferences for educators.  They are for elementary and secondary school teachers. Send us your email address and we will include you in our mailings for the next conference. Don’t miss your chance, go to casino online australia only here good luck awaits you! See the related link on the left. Contact us: 

Visit DiscoverTeenergy Featured Topics: “Activities Database” for over 500 activities of interest to gifted children and their families and educators. Also check the home page “Events Calendar.” It has activities and events happening in Ontario each month. Add ones you find interesting. 

Inventors College Organization Inventing Workshops
(for children and adults.  Available for school classes or after school and weekend sessions.)
Learn how to: create many ideas, present yourself and your invention professionally, the legal and technical aspects of inventing.  Get the opportunity to sell your ideas to invited experts and specialists who can view your invention at an exhibition. This is an absolutely REAL experience, not a simulation, game or entertainment.

Innovation Initiative Co-operative Inc.

(the only inventors co-op support group in the world)

Monthly meetings in North York – Toronto, ON bring together amateurs and experts, young and old who have a passion for the creative aspects of inventing and creating new products and services.  New members are always welcome.

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