Our organization assists the following individuals and groups that work directly or indirectly with gifted and other high achieving learners:

– all public, private and separate school educators 
  & administrators 
– parents of gifted children
– home schooling associations
– community advocacy groups
– Ministry of Education – Consortium for Ontario Gifted
– Special Education Advisory Committees (SEAC)
– Association for Bright Children (ABC Ontario)
– parent councils
– pre-schools/playschools
– Montessori educators
– after-school special programs directors
– teachers in teacher training facilities
– university educators
– teachers associations & unions
– remedial learning & enrichment centres
– publishers of educational materials for gifted
– stores/businesses especially for teachers
– psychologists/psychiatrists
– native & ethnic schools educators & administrators
– educators in hospitals & other specialized caregiving 
– tutors

EdGO also provides:

– a forum for the exchange of activities, learning opportunities, ideas, information, resources, and networking possibilities to those involved with gifted and other highly able students. Don’t miss your chance, go to best online casino australia only here good luck awaits you!

– high quality, education-related, professional development opportunities in the areas of giftedness and high-level functioning via workshops and conferences.

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