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(Educators for the Gifted is a division of Accent on Skills Consulting)

New! Workshop
Nov. 16, 2013
“Enhancing Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills in Students – Especially Gifted Ones – for the New Age of Creativity” 

Creativity and problem-solving are vital skills and absolutely vital when competing and participating in the world’s workplaces! Learn techniques, models, and methods that help teachers and students tap into their personal creativity and expand/strengthen thinking skills. All school subjects are affected by our methods. Don’t miss your chance, go to online casino australia reviews only here good luck awaits you!

NEW ADDED TOPIC! Creating Highly Effective Individual Education Plans that Meet the Needs of Parents, Teachers and Students”

For all educators, parents and others, especially  those who work with gifted children/adults

1.Teach participants how to be more creative and how to teach the learned methods and skills to others.

2. Teach participants a variety of approaches that help students solve problems more effectively and creatively.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Time: 9 AM – 4 PM. Doors open at 8 AM.

Location: North York Memorial Community Hall
5120 Yonge St., Toronto, ON, Canada 
(under NY Library. Subway access. Lots of nearby parking.)

Presented by: Otto Schmidt, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

– Certified Teacher
– Gifted Programming Consultant
– 35+ yrs experience in giftedness – nationally and internationally
– competency skills specialist. Author of “Accent on Essential Life
  Skills” resource book (see.Accentonskills.com/aelsbook.htm)
– professional curriculum designer
– Education Director of Innovation Initiative Co-op inventors group
– Director/Irganizer of the Great Canadian Inventions Show
– Member of the Advanced Technology Think Tank


Schedule for the Day

8:30 – 9 am:
Registration. Breakfast is provided. Meet the other registrants. 

9:00 – 9:15 am: Welcome and Introduction

9:15 am – Noon
The Secrets of Creativity

a)  A Study of Creativity?
     (Learn about the most important elements of creativity, the causes, concepts, dimensions, hindrances to its expression, and how to stimulate and nurture it and draw it out of students.)

b)  What Does “Thinking Outside the Box” Really Mean?     
     (Participate in a highly personal creativity test that will show you how deeply you are in “the box” and we will provide the ways to get out. The test has several other uses too. Use this powerful tool with students and you will stop being perceived as the critic/judge because it shows students directly their own approaches, strengths and weaknesses. The test is a quick and insightful way for teachers/parents/others to show students what they are like from several perspectives: approaches to learning, temperament, some basic attitudes in life, thinking style, work style, and socialization factors.)

c)  Formal Relaxation Techniques and Guided Fantasies
     (Combining these two skills results in highly unique, absolutely personal spontaneous creative expression that comes from the depths of the sub-conscious. This approach is extremely powerful in breaking down barriers and rigidity people have when it comes to creative thinking. This session dramatically boosts confidence in the ability to express oneself creatively.)

10:45 – 11:00 am: Break

Noon – 12:45 pm  Lunch by TALISE Catering  
www.talisefood.com  ww.facebook.com/talisefood

12:45 pm – 3:30 pm
The Secrets of Problem-Solving

a) SCAMPER Model: How to Add Depth to Problem-Solving
(Learn how to use this valuable and practical set of trigger words to improve depth of thinking when problem-solving – and in other areas of learning as well. SCAMPER is one of the best ways to enhance thinking skills.)

b) Brainstorming: How to Use It More Effectively in Problem-Solving
     (After learning the skill to greater depth, participants will be engaged in various forms and versions of brainstorming. These add variety to team/group efforts and stimulate different  kinds of thinking to generate lots of ideas. Our approach to this skill helps students learn how to: be more personally involved and motivated to solve problems, work more co-operatively with others, and turn frustrating and difficult work into exciting challenges.)

c) Creative Problem-Solving Model by Osborne & Parnes
     (Learn to apply this 6 step model for solving problems in actual  problem situations. Participants will learn how to do an “autopsy” on the outcomes/results after implementing a solution.)

2:00 – 2:15 pm: Break

3:30 pm – 4 pmCreating Highly Effective Individual Education Plans that Meet the Needs of Parents, Teachers and Students
– How should a great IEP be written? How can an IEP improve and maintain accountability for all concerned? How can IEP’s be designed so that they are more fully implemented and provide what is needed to the students? 

Recap and Open Discussion, Q&A

Final Comments and Dismissal


Format for the Day

     Teach educators and parents the secrets of developing creativity and problem-solving skills in themselves and the young people in their charge.  Skills are vital when competing in the new Age of Creativity.  Hands-on activities, team efforts, first-hand experiences
     The approach will be of great benefit to those working with gifted students as well as teachers with students in regular classrooms.  ALL teachers can benefit and are welcome to participate! 

Your teaching will never be the same! Your students will never be the same after you teach them what you learn!  Skills-based curriculum meets the new demands of education in the Age of Creativity. Find out how and why.

Registration is now open 
until November 14, 2013.

$150 per person 
(No refunds, but substitutions are allowed)
(At the door, $175) 


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Otto Schmidt (Workshops Coordinator & Presenter)
Office: 416-226-2332 or Cell: 416-824-4883

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