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Link to Gifted Programs in All Canadian Provincial School Boards   


Associations for Gifted Children: USA

Austega’s Gifted Resource Centre

Association for Bright Children of Ontario

Belin Blank Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development, U. of Iowa 

British Columbia Ministry of Education Gifted Program 

British Links to Exceptionalities

World Gifted Programs

Africa – Considerations in Education

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Creativity Page Featured Topic “Gifted & Enrichment” & “Gift Rap” Newsletter

Educating Gifted Children

Factoids Addressing Gifted Issues    

Gifted Education: Free Online Resources 

Gifted Education Professional Development Package

Gifted Journey -provides information for parents and teachers about the characteristics and needs of gifted children

High Achievers Resources for Teachers

History of Gifted Children 1979-1997 (valuable statistics)

Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page 

Identifying Academically Gifted Minority Students

Iowa Gifted and Talented Association

Issues Associated with Highly Gifted Children 

Links to Sites for People with High IQ’s

London (England) Gifted & Talented

National Association for Gifted Children – Great Britain 

National Association for Gifted Children – USA

National Foundation for Gifted & Creative Children – USA

National Primary Trust (primary education in England)

Network of Distance Learning – Ontario Ministry of Education 


Ontario Gifted: Resources & Information for Parents of Gifted Children 

Queen’s University (Kingston, ON) Enrichment Studies

Research Bibliography on Giftedness: Johns Hopkins University   

Resources for Parents, Teachers & Gifted, Talented, Creative and Promising Mathematics Students  

Teaching Resources Related to Special Education  

World Council for Gifted & Talented Children  (hold annual world conferences)

Curriculum Enhancement Resources 

Collaborating Between Gifted Education & General Education to Enhance Learning for All

Antarctic Programaims to understand the world’s coldest, windiest, driest, and harshest continent — its ecosystems and its effects on global processes such as climate. Don’t miss your chance, go to best paying online casino australia only here good luck awaits you!   Read breaking news from a us newspaper written in McMurdo Station, Antarctica.  Learn about important discoveries.  See articles about a killer crater found under the ice and the melting of polar ice sheets.

Cultures and History of the Americas – features 50 highlights from rare books, maps, paintings, and artifacts.  The exhibit explores pre-Columbian cultures of Central America and the Caribbean, encounters between Europeans and indigenous peoples, the growth of European Florida, and piracy and trade in the American Atlantic.  Highlights include Columbus’s account of the 1492 voyage, Frances Drake’s maps, the first natural history of the Americas, and a 7th century wooden box that recorded Mayan dynastic lineage.

– examines the convergence of three realities — the spread of the Internet, the shrinkage of computers, and the accumulation of databases — that has led researchers to envision a planet-wide grid of computing, information, networking, and sensor resources.  Learn about projects to develop the emerging cyberinfrastructure.  Find out how researchers are beginning to depend on it.  Discover resources for teaching and learning about information technology.

Ethics: Institute for Global Ethics

Ethics: Resource Center 

Giraffe Heroes Project 
-people who are willing to stick their necks out for the common good

Mathematics Across the Community College Curriculum – provides course descriptions and student projects in anthropology, art, biology, business, chemistry, computer science, economics, English, environmental science, health, marketing, mathematics, nursing, physics, policy studies, political science, social services, and urban planning. 

Public Broadcasting System (PBS) Television Network Resources – media resources presented on their television broadcasts are made available to teachers

Solar and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Competitions – focuses on designing and building solar and hydrogen fuel cell cars.  Explore components of solar cars.  Conduct experiments to improve car performance.  Find activities for measuring solar cell output, tips on vehicle construction and transmission design, and formulas for calculating vehicle performance.  See a list of regional competitions sites.  Find out how to integrate solar vehicle activities into the curriculum.

Teach Engineeringprovides more than  500 lessons and activities for teaching engineering content in K-12 science and math classes.  Topics include oil and energy consumption, water and electricity, mass and volume, various energy sources, heat transfer, solar heating systems, collisions and momentum, electrons, cellular respiration, biomedical engineering, and more.  Lessons connect real-world experiences with concepts and skills already taught in K-12 classrooms.

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